Nursing, LVNs and Patients

 Recently research has motivated organizational leaders in health care facilities to recognize the value of fostering a safety culture within our institutions. Healthcare employees and patients benefit when policies encourage the development of safe patient handing committees. It is recommended that these committees or teams be comprised of interdisciplinary members to help fully assess facility needs.

 Team members may recommend the use of safety cards, palm cards and safety handling algorithms. The team may research specific safe patient handling equipment and schedule training for direct patient care staff. Safe work environments exists when the use of patient transfer equipment and team work is routine and all injuries and accidents are promptly reported.

 Nurses and other direct patient care providers need to be aware of the types of injuries that have occurred in their facility and the frequency of those injuries. Remember, the best tool of all is your brain. Plan your patient care activities with the concepts of biomechanics, body mechanics and ergonomics in mind. Recognize your limitations, take responsibility for protecting yourself and your patient. Help develop a safety culture in your workplace and appreciate that you can have a long and healthy career.